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Join, Recommend, and Earn! Introducing the Affiliate Program

The KMR Brands OÜ © 2024

We are delighted to present our Affiliate Program, a strategic initiative poised to reshape collaborative endeavours within the sectors of Communication, Media, Advertising, and Technology. Rooted in the principles of "Join. Recommend. Earn.", this initiative offers affiliates a sophisticated platform to foster collaborative success.

Key Attributes of the Program:

  • Inclusive Access: We have endeavoured to create an inclusive platform, ensuring that agencies, freelancers, and individuals of varying scopes can seamlessly integrate.

  • Lucrative Incentives: Affiliates have the opportunity to provide prospects with a 10% discount on invoices, whilst concurrently benefiting from a structured 5% commission model.

  • Operational Efficiency: The program's design emphasises efficiency, equipping affiliates with a comprehensive toolkit, including an advanced dashboard and pertinent resources.

  • Earnings Potential: Our program fosters an environment of growth, enabling affiliates to harness an expansive earnings trajectory without imposed limitations.

  • Dashboard Interface: Affiliates gain access to a sophisticated dashboard, facilitating real-time monitoring of affiliate metrics, payout details, and cumulative earnings.

The Affiliate Program epitomises our commitment to fortifying strategic alliances within our core sectors. This initiative transcends conventional affiliative practices, encapsulating our dedication to mutual growth and excellence.

Kasem M. Raad, Founder CEO at The KMR Brands OÜ

For comprehensive program details and application procedures, interested parties are invited to visit Existing affiliates may access their respective dashboards to commence their collaborative engagement with us.


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