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K Produktions Globally Ranked As Top 12 Influencer Marketing Agency

Berlin, Germany — October 27, 2021 — K Produktions has been recognized as a Top 12 Influencer Marketing Agency Globally in 2021 by DesignRush.

DesignRush is a B2B marketplace that connects brands with professional full-service agencies, web design companies, digital marketing firms, and top technology companies. Their platform lists over 9,300 agencies from over 50 different countries and is consulted by thousands of decision-makers looking to start a project.

K Produktions has continued to steadily expand its offerings and our team has grown and increased staff to accommodate the additional clients' workload.

K Produktions is a multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Berlin, Germany, that provide many services, including music distribution, marketing, management, cinematography, photography, graphic design, video & audio services, websites, events coverage, production services and more…


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