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“Reflection” will finally premiere on April 8th at 6:00 PM on YouTube

K Produktions, part of The KMR Brands OÜ © 2022

After a lot of hard work and concentration, the team behind the short film “Reflection” will finally be able to show it to the world. As confirmed by the production company “K Produktions”, the short film “Reflection” will premiere Friday, April 8th at 6:00 PM (GMT +02:00) Berlin time exclusively on YouTube. The short film was directed by Kasem M. Raad and written by Lamis Hafiz.

UPDATE: Reflection was only on YouTube for the premiere, which means you will not be able to watch it there anymore. So in case you missed the premiere or want to see it again, you can rent it here:

The director's statement and the scriptwriter's is below.

Kasem M. Raad, the director, producer, cameraman, and editor of Reflection says:

The idea of making a short film with meaning has always been on my mind, but it was always too difficult to create because of time, resources, etc... I met Lamis at my school in Berlin and invited her over. She was telling me that she was planning on making a short movie for school, so she showed me what she had written, and from that moment on, I loved the idea and we expanded the script till we were satisfied. The challenge of making this film was being given 3 weeks to create a short from A to Z, where the main character had never been on camera before, but I enjoyed working with Lamis since she's so friendly and likable. The assistant director was Monique Albrecht, my best friend who is also in the same class as me. This is a movie that will always hold a special place in my heart due to the really important message behind it: we shouldn't value ourselves by the standards of others, as everyone is unique in their own way.

And here’s what the writer and main character Lamis Hafiz would like to say:

We all know the word “Reflection” but do we know the real meaning behind it? Do you know the feeling when you have to pretend to be someone you’re not? When you treat someone wrong, do you reflect on yourself? Should we allow other people to control our minds? All of those are questions in my head and that’s the reason I wrote about it. People always want to see your shining side without knowing anything about the other side… Are you questioning yourself what did I mean by the other side? Well, the meaning behind it is that every human has a good side and a bad side because no one is flawless. Everyone has their realistic side where they don’t have to pretend. People always think that they have to change themselves to be perfect by listening to other people's opinions but that’s not the right way. You can’t love someone if you don’t love yourself and you don’t need to be perfect to love yourself because there is no perfect. You can try to fly around the world to find a flawless human, but you’ll never find one. The most important thing is to be okay with who you are and what you have. And to get to this point you need to reflect on every situation in your life to learn and grow.


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